SRK, as lead counsel, has filed an amended complaint against MEDNAX, Inc. and certain of its officers for violations of the federal securities laws.  For years MEDNAX’s business model was based on growth from buying physician practice groups, primarily in anesthesiology.  The Amended Complaint, relying on information from ex-employees and other sources developed by SRK, details how the defendants inflated the price of MEDNAX stock by falsely telling investors the company’s business model was sustainable, while internally MEDNAX knew that adverse financial trends were undermining the profitability of acquired practices to the point that further acquisitions were not viable.  MEDNAX also hid the fact that anesthesiologists were increasingly unwilling to join MEDNAX because the Company had a reputation for low wages and aggressive enforcement of non-compete agreements.  On July 28, 2017, MEDNAX revealed that it had not acquired any new anesthesiology practice groups in the most recent quarter, and that further acquisitions were unlikely.  Upon this disclosure, which revealed for the first time that the company’s business model was broken, MEDNAX shares declined more than 15 percent.  A copy of the amended complaint is available here.  For more information, contact SRK lead attorney, Robert Roseman at 215-496-030 or